Economic Agents

Who are the users of the apps and their economic agents?
DUA involves different stakeholders, also known as Economic Agents, along the whole spectrum of the ecosystem. When designing any economy, be it blockchain or non-blockchain based, it is crucial to consider the types of economic agents in the space first.
An economy is a network of individuals that transact between themselves, expecting to obtain value from these transactions. There is a symbiotic relationship between an economy and its participants. Members of any economic system benefit from participating in the economy, increasing its value.
To define DUA economic agents, we must first understand the users of and how they interact with the app and other users. is the marketplace where the economy forms and where all agents/stakeholders meet and transact.

dua Love

Dating Users
Match for serious relationship
Advertise creations and art
Advertise products and services
Match for friendships

dua Biz

App mode is not live yet and is subject to changes.
Users looking for employment
Companies looking for employers
Connect with employees
Look for a job actively
Advertise to everyday users
Look for potential candidates
Search for a business event
Match with fans for a short talk
Receive applications from candidates
Connect with fellow members
Kick-off 1st virtual interview
Network with other similar professionals
Advertise job posts
Send applications directly to employers or job posts
Participate in the 1st virtual interview

dua Friends

App mode is not live yet and is subject to changes.
Social Users
Connect with friends and family
Advertise creations and art
Advertise products and services
Get help through interesting city guides
Integrate Meta account
Write posts and post images or short videos
Start or join group discussion
Every app user can own an in-app wallet, making them potential DUA holders. Since DUA's utility is tied to the app's services, users will have a strong incentive to circulate the token inside the app.
We identify four economic agents that can be part of our ecosystem.
  1. 1.
    Traditional Users (Love, Biz, Friends & Spotted)
  2. 2.
    Crypto Users (Love, Biz, Friends & Spotted)
  3. 3.
    Businesses (Love, Biz, Friends & Spotted)
  4. 4.
    Developers & Marketers (Smart Contracts, Governance)
Traditional and crypto app users sit at the ecosystem's core. They use the apps based on their needs and preferences. In the early stages, we aim to reach at least 50% of our traditional user base and introduce them to our crypto services. Businesses are another group of users that add value to the ecosystem. In our initial app mode - dua Love, they run ads to gain impressions for their products and services to millions of people. Without even acknowledging it, they become DUA adopters as soon as they buy ads in DUA. Developers and marketers are a part of the community, which will help us elevate the game and reach business and technical excellence. By being part of the governance process, the foundation will work with all parties that share our vision and want to add value with development and marketing capabilities.