What is Spotted, what value does it bring to the end users and how much traction has it?
Spotted is a dating app that provides users with a space to socialize and make new connections based on real-life interactions. Spotted is one of the biggest dating platforms in German-speaking countries.
Spotted is not simply a dating app. It is intended to bring together people who unconsciously or consciously have met in real life, crossed each other's path, or hung out in the same places but did not have the chance or the courage to talk to each other.
After users install the app on smartphones and allow tracking via GPS, they will be regularly located. and will later be shown to all people who have been in the same places at the same time and people they might have met. The platform serves as a gateway to:
  • Discover people that spend time in their favorite places and meet like-minded individuals
  • Write posts anonymously and find new people to hang out with
  • Start meaningful connections and conversations with nearby people
It has over 7 million installs and 4,5 million registered users. In 2015, it completed a Series A investment with a total of $14,5 million capital raised. The app and its unique experience for hyperlocal matchmaking is part of dua's portfolio of apps.
In 2022, dua AG completed the acquisition of Spotted. This acquisition aligns with dua AG's plans for geographic expansion in the DACH area and North Africa, where Spotted has a strong presence.
Spotted has built a robust marketing engine that powers its virality and network effects across cities and community-based locations such as universities, festivals, and clubs where people gather to meet and connect.
The app matches people based on their locations. It has an in-app feed where people can post anything with the simple goal of finding other people. Not only that, but people have taken this location-based search into their own hands by creating unofficial spotted social media groups and pages where people hang out, search and connect. There are over eighty unofficial groups created on various social media platforms that help increase the user base of Spotted daily.
Some examples are:
  • Spotted: Warszawa
  • Spotted: München
  • Spotted: University of Kiel
  • Spotted: Paris
Spotted's ability for hyper-growth is incredible. Below is an example of Spotted reaching 1M+ App Installs in Morocco without any marketing budget, thanks to the powerful marketing engine for virality.
Following this strategy, Spotted has grown considerably to 4,5 million users. As part of dua AG, the app will reach a new level of user adoption. In the future, we plan to implement the DUA token to the app to power its internal economy and introduce its user base to DeFi.