Stichting dua Foundation is the legal entity responsible for issuing the DUA token.

Role and Mission

The dua Foundation, based in the Netherlands, is a self-governing and independent body central to the promotion, (further) development, and maintenance of the new technologies and applications of the so-called dua global ecosystem.
The Foundation shall make every effort, among other things, to attain and accomplish its objectives by:
  • Driving the adoption of the dua ecosystem.
  • Stimulating innovation in online matchmaking through new technologies
  • Allocating grants and funds to the further development of the dua ecosystem
  • Supporting the growth of the dua global communities through community events
  • Building partnerships

Team and Advisors

The Stichting dua Foundation is made up of the team and strategic advisors.
Yllka Abdullahu - Linkedin​
Erblin Ribari - Linkedin​
Ardit Trikshiqi - Linkedin​
Vigan Ramadani - Linkedin​
Matthijs De Vries - Linkedin​
Rachid Ajaja - Linkedin​
Christen Oesterbye - Linkedin​
Valon Asani - Linkedin​
Dite Gashi - Linkedin​