How does DUA and its application solve the problems faced by fragmented communities?
A democratized system enabling fragmented communities to create relationships, get rewarded and identified, and get access to decentralized finance.


Two apps (dua and spotted) manage over 5 million users globally.
  • is a matchmaking app with three modes: dua Love (Dating), dua Biz (Connecting professionals), and dua Friends (Connecting friends). Dua Love has been live for two years, has 1.3 million installs, and over 400 thousand registered users.
  • Spotted is a dating app that provides users with a space to socialize and make new connections based on real-life interactions. Spotted has over 7 million installs and 4,5 million registered users.

DUA Utility

DUA powers multiple features and generates different utilities across the broad ecosystem.
  • DUA circulates between users and businesses for multiple purposes.
  • It acts as a value exchange unit for in-app services and as a reward instrument for the internal economy but also in staking.
  • It can be used as a payment method between users and even for tipping creators.
  • DUA is required to be also used for running the self-sovereign identity - dua ID.

In-App Economy

An internal economy powered by an in-app utility token.
  • Users earn DUA by performing specific value-adding in-app activities. By earning or topping up their in-app wallets with DUA, users can use their tokens to unlock premium and in-app packages.
  • Businesses list and show their products or services to an audience of over 5 million users. They are required to pay for ads in DUA to get millions of impressions.

DeFi Gateway

DeFi gateway allows users to access permissionless financial services.
  • The in-app non-custodial wallet allows underserved communities to perform financial services such as transferring, generating yield, borrowing, or lending completely peer-to-peer.
  • Users own and self-manage their tokens and assets without needing a middleman.

Self-Sovereign Identity

Self-sovereign identity for individuals and businesses.
  • Individuals can gather their online footprint in the form of reputation from a long list of social media platforms such as Twitter, Linkedin, or even dua and create their own cryptographic immutable identities (dua ID).
  • Businesses looking to vet or allow only users with a certain reputation level from entering their web3 platforms can use the dua ID and our smart contracts to create a safe environment.
  • Creating and updating on-chain reputation requires users to use DUA as a payment method.